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Lost count?

You've come to the right place! Forget Me Not is a desktop application that helps you keep track of all your series, you can add them to your watching later list, currently watching or even finished ones so you never forget the title of that amazing show you watched years ago. That's not all though, Forget Me Not helps you keep in touch with the latest news about shows you watch, lets you take notes, show your friends on Discord what you are watching and lets you see what your friends have on their lists and much more!

You watch series on multiple devices? We got your back!

Lets say you watch your favourite series or anime while you're at your PC at home or at work during a break and come home or just lay down on your bed before going to sleep but this time with your laptop on your lap. Well no problem, open Forget Me Not there and all your episodes and notes will be there in a blink of an eye.

This is cause we sync everything to the cloud so you never have to worry about backing up like you did with your long confusing .txt files you previously had to use to keep track of everything!


Keep track of how many episodes you've watched so far with a small and easy counter, you'll never have to worry about watching the same episode or getting spoilerd again


Sometimes we start watching a series and we finish it, or maybe we don't have time to finish watching it. Thats why we give you the option to drag title into different lists to keep better track

Friends & Discord Intergration

You can add friends on Forget Me Not and see what they are watching and where they currently are with episodes. Thats not all though, you can also start watching a title and we will show it on Discord for you

1, 2, 3... Go!
Woops, didn't click in time!

Ever happened to you? Probably yes if you ever tried to watch content with a friend of yours over the Internet. With Forget Me Not this is not going to be a problem anymore, just click on your friends profile and start to watch in sync. If one of you two starts or stops we will stop playback on the other users machine too.

Too many bookmarks?
Heres an easy fix!

You watch many series actively and to open them you have a lot of bookmarks saved on your browser to reach each one individually? Yeah we know that problem, but now that just a problem of the past, one simple click and you get launched straight into the episode catalogue and are ready to start watching.

Streaming service?

No need to always type in the name of your favourite streaming service. Just save it once and then "Click!" whenever you want to watch something on there, no long searching for the website, its ready to go.

Tend to forget when a new Episode comes out?
We got you covered.

You tend to forget that a new episode came out? No worries, we will remind you as soon as a new episode comes out. We will make sure you never miss an episode by sending you a notification and add a count next to the episode title.


Forget Me Not is free but if you want to support us and help us we will give you some extra perks



Basic plan, account comes with it at signup

Plus - Monthly


Supports us and gives you a lot of perks

  • 10k List Items
  • 100 Platform Shortcuts
  • Supporter Tag
  • Animated Profile Picture
  • Animated Profile Banner
  • Billed Monthly
  • Subscribe

Plus - Yearly


Supports us and gives you a lot of perks

  • 10k List Items
  • 100 Platform Shortcuts
  • Supporter Tag
  • Animated Profile Picture
  • Animated Profile Banner
  • Billed Annualy
  • Subscribe